As mini skirts became a staple in women's wardrobes, the introduction of plaid fashion breathed new life to the trend. No longer a schoolgirl wear, plaid mini skirts of today are more of a fashion statement. Since mini skirts were considered a symbol of women's liberation, the pleated plaid designs injected a more playful character to it. The creative folds seem to add more flare and life to the skirt and takes away drab impressions of its more plain counterparts.

The Internet makes easy work of back-to-school shopping for school uniform separates, such as girls’ skirts in a variety of styles. Before buying any uniform skirts online, carefully read the student’s school uniform and dress code policy. Many schools require girls’ skirts to reach at least the mid-thigh.

Following are some girls’ skirts that comply with most school dress codes in styles that include long skirts, pleated skirts, and comfy skorts (a combination of a skirt and shorts).




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