Plaid Skirt for the Bad Girl


 There are two basic looks that are associated with plaid skirts. The first is the naughty schoolgirl look that go Brittany Speares famous. This is a classic look and is amazingly popular. With miniskirts so popular right now, if you have never dared to try a plaid miniskirt, this is the time to do it. High heels will accentuate your legs, but it might be too much va-va-voom if you are entirely new to plaid skirts. It can also make you look like a whore if you're not careful... just saying.


Plaid Skirt for the Professional Woman


Plaid skirts were initially supposed to look formal and professional. That is why private school girls wore. Them, but the hiked them up to make them miniskirts and gave them sort of a dirty name. Plaid skirts are still a great choice for a professional woman, though. Look for a plaid pencil skirt or even an A-line plaid skirt. As long as your not wearing a mini to the office, no one will think you're a hussy for wearing a plaid skirt.





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